It is extremely compact keychain weather station. Do not let these small dimensions fool you – it is very functional device, which allows you to have most accurate weather measurements on very current locations.


Cute and elegant, stylish, fashionable, convenient and very necessary piece of your daily outfit to help you go throughout your day without rainy or any other weather surprises.


We have no doubt that WeatheratPoint will become the must have gadget for campers and extreme sports people alike, as well as having possibilities for casual users and everyday outdoor enthusiasts. WeatheratPoint is an exciting, innovative and above all unique device that will soon be one of the most popular add ons for your smartphone.


Don’t expect your forecast app to deliver completely correct weather forecast, but using the WeatheratPoint keychain weather station, you can get a more accurate weather info based on your location.


You’re at the halfway point of a week-long camping trip in the back country. You’d like to get a weather report but you’re out of cell phone range. The WeatheratPoint  is designed for just that kind of situation.


Dimensionally pretty small and convenient to carry around in your daily activities, it is functionally more than helpful


I had never thought of having a personal weather station. However WeatheratPoint the world’s smallest weather station changed that. Weather Point is just so small it fits in your keys and can go anywhere with you.